About Us

RCM Service Ltd, a spin-off RCM's Service Department was launched as an independent company in 2012 with the aim to provide technical and maintenance support to local and international companies that need a local depot level service facility for sophisticated equipment such as:
      High Power Amplifiers Solid-state and TWT.
      Radio Receivers and Scanners.
      GPS Clock Frequency & Time Systems.
      Active and Passive Components.
      Laser Equipment.
      Repair of Electronic Circuit Boards down to Component Level.

Within a short time, the company has become the official maintenance depot for a number of foreign manufacturers: IFI Instruments for Industry (USA), EMPower (USA), Elcom (USA), Cubic (USA), Bonn Elektronik (Germany), Friatech Germany).

The company has since widened its activity to include marketing and sales of product lines that were represented in the past by RCM Ltd in the areas of RF and Microwave. Today, the company is marketing also many lines that have been added due to requests from its customers.

The company's Sales Division is focusing on finding the most effective solution for the customer, even if it is not within the product lines currently represented by RCM Service Ltd

Among the company's customers, one can find the largest Israeli industrial defense conglomerates such as: Rafael, The Elbit Group, IAI - Israel Aerospace Industry & Elta, as well as local Hi-Tech companies, MOD - Israel's Ministry of Defense, the Intelligence community and the IDF, with its various branches and units.